Workshops by Jacki Gethner

an experienced facilitator

Jacki is recognized by local, state, national and international organizations. She has designed and presented workshops to County/State Agencies, non-profit organizations as well as to the private sector. Jacki has also made featured presentations at national and international conferences.

She facilitates workshops and retreats for people seeking skills in taking care of themselves and others through awareness of touch, mindfulness and regenerative therapies. In her presentations, she stresses the fact that healthy, nurturing, nonsexual touch can lead to increased self esteem, positive body image, higher productivity and feeling better about life. When touch needs are met, relying on substitutes like food, drugs and sex are less likely to happen and so we can achieve more of what we hope to do better. The issues of death and dying are also situations where Jacki can help families and support systems to actively help their loved one "transition" in a nurturing loving way.

Each of Jacki's workshops are customized to meet the unique needs of specific audiences. Her skills with "train the trainers" allow other professionals to share skills within their specific scope of practice. Most professions can receive continuing education for their participation.

Currently Jacki is offering the following workshops:

The Better Care at Work Series

This grouping of workshops identifies the causes of issues created from work spaces and poor ergonomics and offers tools for decreasing them.

Give, Share, and Receive the Gift of Touch

Life should be more about giving and sharing but also receiving with pure gratitude. The gift of touch helps us celebrate ourselves and those we love with the healing magic of massage.

Relapse Prevention

Feel good now/hurt later is the hallmark of the addiction process. This workshop focuses on ways to get in tune with the body's natural processes to prevent relapses.

Supporting Families with Illness

There are many unspoken needs and questions that can affect families or support persons of anyone undergoing serious illness. Focusing on physical touch is one way to offer loving support during difficult times.

Self Esteem, Friendships, & Health

In this presentation, learn about current health issues that should be high on your priority list and why self esteem and strong social supports are important to your overall health and well being (as well as for those around you).

Other topics Jacki has presented on:

  • Hypertension

  • Headaches

  • Emotional eating

  • Body image

  • Workplace techniques for self care

  • Loss in the workplace

  • Insomnia

  • Emotional health chronic/terminal illness

  • Caring for elders in your family

  • Managing your health/self care

  • Living with chronic mental illness

  • Self care for care providers

  • HIV/AIDS Alzheimer's/Dementia

  • Relapse prevention

  • MS, Post Polio, Parkinsons, Fibromyalgia & Cancer

All workshops are tailored to their specific subject matter.

Workshop Testimonials

Jacki Gethner promotes discovery and enhancement of our healing capacities. Her sharing of the healing power of touch is made with sensitivity to the needs and boundaries of each individual. Her gifts provide participants both immediate improvement of well-being and longer term empowerment for their healing journeys.

Augustus ("Gus") Nasmith, Jr.
AIDS, Medicine & Miracles
Rutland, VT

Jacki's positive energy, knowledge, respect for individuals and passion for her work comes through to everyone who attends her workshops. I highly recommend Jacki as a speaker and facilitator.

Angila Eldred
Department of Human Services-Prevention Services
Salem, OR

Jacki's workshops on stress management have proved to be highly popular. Jacki's positive outlook, outgoing personality and wonderful approach to life are an inspiration to the workshop participants. We often use Jacki as a final session presenter as she has a unique ability to re-energize and refocus groups.

Lauren Mitchell
Department of Human Services-Senior and Disabled Services Division
Salem, OR