Jacki Gethner (LMT, Certified Alcohol & Drug counselor) a resident of Portland, Oregon is a renowned international health advocate, activist and educator. In 1987, she launched her practice Regenerative Therapies and she possesses over three decades of experience in massage and bodywork.

In conjunction with her many years of work in the HIV and AIDS arena, a big portion of her work demonstrates the connection between non-sexual touch and wise decision-making regarding intimate relationships.

Jacki has worked in collaboration with many civic and government agencies, health educators, faith-based organizations and pharmaceutical companies and is recognized as a seasoned healer. Her work in prevention and self-care for vulnerable communities has resulted in numerous local and national awards, national and international conferences, and the creation of her book "Behind Door #3: Choose with Your Eyes Wide Open." (See review on the WOACA press page.)

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WOACA (Women of a Certain Age)

Jacki Gethner is also founder of the nonprofit organization, Women of a Certain Age (known as WOACA), where she helps to educate and empower women by providing them with skills for identifying issues and implementing strategies for healthy personal relations.

Find out more about WOACA at the website, www.HealthyWomenOver50.org.