Self Esteem, Friendships,
& Health


Supporting Health through Friendships & Good Choices

My work over the last thirty years as both a certified and licensed massage therapist and national/international speaker working consistently with women in women’s spaces has made me aware of three things:

  1. We all need each other more than ever.

  2. We need to be more aware of our personal choices and how they impact our physical health.

  3. Self esteem plays a large role in how well we build community and make healthy choices.

In this presentation, learn about current health issues that should be high on your priority list. These include issues of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV and HEP C and their relevance today. These topics covered include heterosexual and same sex relationships, older women reentering the dating arena and women who “will never have sex again.”

This leads us back to “needing each other” and the benefits of sharing experience through friendship. Certainly, not all information we see is “vital” to each of us, but there is a great need to share with others what we know and have learned.  This is a way of supporting each other, creating greater personal self esteem, and opening the way for more informed choices for all concerned. We all have a part to play and no part is too small!

Come explore how to use any discomfort about physical health and relationships with yourself  to promote knowledge and power. This supports all of us on whatever level we can contribute. After all, where would we be without our friends and our health?