The Better Care at Work Series


Our work environment is where most of our working hours are spent. However, most work spaces and the jobs we do usually do not include sufficient ergonomics. We then return home feeling tired and grumpy.

This grouping of workshops identifies the causes of these issues and offers skills for decreasing them. Taking one per week allows for follow up questions and adjustments to learned techniques before proceeding to the next issue.

Individual workshops can be done in 60 or 90 minute segments depending on group size.

Individual workshops include:

  • HEADACHES: Learn the different kinds, why we get them, and simple ways to  diminish their effects.
  • NECK AND SHOULDER TENSION: Explore the various ways we “overuse” these areas and how to prevent them from bothering us.
  • “SOUL FOR YOUR SOLE”: What we wear on our feet impacts our whole body. Experience how reflexology can help with many symptoms of discomfort.
  • SLEEP: Strategies for going to sleep, staying asleep, and getting good sleep by positioning yourself in different ways.

These workshops can also be offered as a half or full day retreat, with a follow up three weeks later. All workshops are skills based and interactive.

Additional retreat options can include the following topics:

  • Chronic Illness in the Workplace
  • Food and Work
  • Dealing with Loss in the Workplace

For those who work with clients directly, there is the option to add the workshop, “Your Self Care – The Greatest Resource for Your Clients.” This workshop takes highlights from several workshops and can be offered to your clients as a tool to help them move forward towards their goals and model self care. You might be their motivation for big changes that will make your job more rewarding while helping yourself at the same time.

My workshops offer certificates of completion when they are utilized as continuing education.