Illness Affects Entire Families


Supporting with Touch

There are many unspoken needs and questions that can affect families or support persons of anyone undergoing serious illness. 

Illness with Spouses, Partners, & Parents

One may wonder how to incorporate physical touch in a way that feels supportive to their ailing family member. Children or other "family" may want to be helpful, but can also feel at a loss as to what they might offer. Healing touch has many benefits for both the giver and receiver.

Illness with Children

When children are seriously ill, we want to provide as much comfort as possible, especially while they may be in an unfamiliar environment. Parents can sometimes be reluctant to physically engage with their children out of fear of interfering with medical treatment or hurting their child. Family want to be helpful but can sometimes feel at a loss for the best ways that they can positively contribute. Touch is the unspoken caring that ailing children can benefit from.

About Me

I have been a body worker (licensed LMT) and educator since 1988. I have a private practice that welcomes new clients, but have also chosen to focus on the whole support system when dealing with chronic/terminal illness. Everyone involved then has an opportunity to receive, as well as offer support, along with the person primarily identified. 

My work with over 200,000 persons infected with HIV/AIDS since 1987, both nationally and internationally, has proven that this model can make a significant difference. Please see my website at for further information. 

Contact me so we can discuss how your family/support system might benefit from this work. This can take place at a care facility or in your home, with all who choose to be involved. These sessions are usually 1.5 to 2.5 hours in length.

This service is not covered by insurance, however costs are reasonable and the return is immeasurable. This is also an opportunity for other family or friends who may not know how to otherwise contribute. I am also available to work directly with an employer who is looking to support a family going through this kind of situation.

Looking forward to speaking with you about the work that I can offer at this very sensitive time.