Learn Mindful Touch with Jacki


A touching gift

Life should not be about the things that we receive from others, but about the things that we can share. Regardless of who we call family, they are our greatest support and hope. Celebrate each other by learning how to touch those you care about.


Precious moments focused on teaching families how to connect through touch. Connect with your family in a way that can often become neglected through the course of our busy lives. Fun and practical skills for reigniting family communication and reducing tension.


We can easily become caught up in the daily rat-race that is so necessary to keep our lives moving forward, losing sight of our partner’s needs and unknowingly beginning to neglect our most important relationships. Imagine coming home to enjoy giving or receiving a neck and shoulder massage, hand massage, or foot massage. Focus on skills to energize evening time together, relax together, and really enjoy one another.


Giving families the opportunity to give their elders the gift of touch and its many benefits. Two massage options are available: a) personal massage for a family member who resides in a senior care facility or b) learn how to share massage with your personal senior so that nurturing be an ongoing interaction.

Pricing for 60-90 minute packages for these services start at $100. Additional travel charge if outside of the Portland Metro Area. Availability to teach specialized massage techniques for individuals with unique needs due to disability/illness.

Jacki Gethner has been a licensed massage therapist since 1987. In addition to her private practice, she presents and trains internationally, working with diverse populations and encouraging everyone to be their best selves. Jacki has won two national awards for her work.

To discuss this offer, or to purchase gift certificates, please  contact Jacki.