Body Work & Massage Testimonials

I first met Jacki because she did chair massage a few times for my company. When I got into a car accident and needed support, she was the first person I thought of. Five years later, I am still seeing her on an almost weekly basis to maintain my physical, emotional, and spiritual health. 

As a person whose work is mostly on the computer, the regular work I do with Jacki has proven non-negotiable to maintain my health and wellness, and I am certain that it has kept more serious physical issues from manifesting. (I'm amazed by the amount of pain and discomfort I used to tolerate, and how little I recognized it was affecting so many areas of my life negatively, from my productivity to my emotions.)

Through regular body work with Jacki, where we explore the connection between physical symptoms and emotional states, I have managed an immense about of change and growth in my life. I see massage and body work with Jacki as imperative to my mental and emotional health — it increases my capacity to manage the challenges I face running my own business and it helps me meet my relationships from a place of grounded-ness, calm, and wellbeing.

With the integration of sound healing, reiki, aromatherapy, and crystal work, I feel a deeper sense of healing and balance than I've ever felt with any other massage therapist. Jacki's thirty plus years of experience shows, and she holds a very sacred and safe space for growth and balance to co-mingle. 

I am very grateful to her for being a resource in my life and in my work in the world.

Theresa Pridemore
Sovereign Spirit
Portland, OR


My fibromyalgia leads to tight muscles with hard knots.  I look forward to my sessions with Jacki as she uses a variety of techniques to dissolve the knots and resolve the tightness.  She has also been generous in teaching me methods of self-care.  She discusses lifestyle modifications and celebrates my efforts to be aware and responsive to the needs of my body.  I thoroughly enjoy my sessions and leave feeling more relaxed, in less pain, and ready to renew my life in a more healthy way.



Workshop Testimonials

Jacki Gethner promotes discovery and enhancement of our healing capacities. Her sharing of the healing power of touch is made with sensitivity to the needs and boundaries of each individual. Her gifts provide participants both immediate improvement of well-being and longer term empowerment for their healing journeys.

Augustus ("Gus") Nasmith, Jr.
AIDS, Medicine & Miracles
Rutland, VT

Jacki's positive energy, knowledge, respect for individuals and passion for her work comes through to everyone who attends her workshops. I highly recommend Jacki as a speaker and facilitator.

Angila Eldred
Department of Human Services-Prevention Services
Salem, OR

Jacki's workshops on stress management have proved to be highly popular. Jacki's positive outlook, outgoing personality and wonderful approach to life are an inspiration to the workshop participants. We often use Jacki as a final session presenter as she has a unique ability to re-energize and refocus groups.

Lauren Mitchell
Department of Human Services-Senior and Disabled Services Division
Salem, OR