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WOACA (Women of a Certain Age)

WOACA's vision is to educate and empower women by providing them with skills for identifying issues and implementing strategies for healthy personal relations.

WOACA provides women with a specific set of tools:

• to define values within their relationships

• to increase understanding of their personal health choices

• to negotiate safe behaviors that promote healthier outcomes

WOACA is a 501C3 under the fiscal sponsorship of the YWCA

Behind Door #3:
Choose With Your Eyes Wide Open

Jacki Gethner with Jen Violi

"an engaging choose‐your­‐own­‐adventure book as fun as it is educational."
~ POZ magazine

When 64-year-­old Ann decides to try online dating, she finds both romance and one-night stands on the menu... Meanwhile, when the two‐years clean and sober Beth attends a convention, she has the unexpected opportunity to party. What choices will these and two other women in the book make? You, the reader, can decide in Jacki Gethner's Behind Door #3: Choose With Your Eyes Wide Open, an engaging choose‐your­‐own­‐adventure book that's as fun as it is educational.

Women of a Certain Age

We enjoy 501c3 tax exempt status
through the fiscal sponsorship of
the YWCA of Greater Portland,
Federal ED 93-0386984.